BirdNest (燕窝) Cafe in Miri!

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BirdNest (燕窝) Cafe in Miri!

“Good Health First then Money Come Later.”

NL Yanwo (燕窝) Traditional Edible Birdnest is a food that gives positive impact to consumers and contribute to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Whenever everyone has a good health then they are most happy. 

Top Seller Menu!

Top Seller Menu in our shop!

Birdnest Rock Sugar

Birdnest Ginseng

Birdnest &
Ginseng Dates

Birdnest chicken soup


Nutrients Supply


Immunity Boost


Nourishing Effect to Skin

history of Birdnest

Birdnest has always been a well-known Asian delicacy. The popularity of this exotic delicacy is not affordable by all except by the nobles and riches. Now we can!

In the Ming and Qing dynasties, people back then cannot afford  to have Birdnests meals, because it is too expensive. But now, more and more people are able to consume it to get the maximum health benefits from Birdnests!

Traditional Chinese medicine experts believe that Birdnest helps with lungs, stomach and kidney.

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