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NL Yanwo (燕窝) Birdnest  is a Health & beauty center that serves cooked birdnests and provides both processed and unprocessed birdnests at the most affordable price on the market!

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BirdNest (燕窝) Cafe in Miri!

The birdnests are harvested from their natural habitat. These swiftlets live deep inside the cave of Borneo rainforest. This is the assurance that it is pollution free and with the highest quality of nutrients. 

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What is BirdNest?

In simple words, a birdnest is the nest where the Swiftlet sleeps. It is generally abundant in Southeast Asia. They built it from from their saliva secretion and mix it with their feathers to form the nests.


Nutrients Supply


Immunity Boost


Nourishing Effect To Skin

The birdnest was not for us in the past, but today, it is!

With the advancement and experience in Birdnest technology, the production of Birdnests is easily available which makes many to enjoy the health benefits a lot.

One of the Chinese classic novels, “Dream of A Red Chamber” mentions bird’s nest for 17 times. Lin Meimei was frail and sick, while Xue Baochai advised her to “Get up early every morning, take one or two of the best bird’s nests, five rock sugar, and cook the porridge with silver hanging tongs. It is better than medicine when you consume it continuously.” Wang Xifeng suffered from redness, and he also got up early every day to eat bird’s nest porridge.

The novel reflects the reality of the time. In the Ming and Qing dynasties, bird’s nests were indeed very popular in the circle of the nobles and riches.

Traditional Chinese medicine experts believe that Birdnest helps with lungs, stomach and kidney.

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